EXAMINATION PREPARATION EXERCISES: FIRST CERTIFICATE. FCE Paper 3: Use of From the words listed below, choose the ones which best fit the space, A, B, C or D. CONKERS . PART 5: WORD FORMATION. To fill the spaces. Techniques for Word Formation exercises. Word Formation is Part 3 of the Use of English test (Paper 1 of the exam). It consists of Questions There are 8. general vocabulary exercise. Exercise to learn new words from words we already know. Hope it´s useful. FCE Word Formation worksheet preview · FCE Word.


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For example, if there is an article preceding the gap, they will need to place a noun after it. If there is already a noun after the gap, then they will need an adjective etc.

This can be done in the following manner: Tip 6 Having ascertained what kind of word should go in the gap, students then have to come up with the actual word formation exercises fce If they are completely unfamiliar with it which is not often the case they can guess it by word formation exercises fce various prefixes and suffixes until they get something that sounds right and obeys the rules of word formation see worksheet 2 for practise of this.

Often, while they are doing this, they will hit on the right answer and suddenly realize that they were familiar with it after all, if only passively.

Cambridge English First (FCE) - free word formation test

This routine should also be used when you go through the answers. In word formation exercises fce to do the exercise correctly, they really needed to understand the text they were reading and focus on the meaning more than on the form as the original activity would require.

This is when we really focused on the form.


Which nouns turned into verbs? Which verbs turned into nouns or adjectives?

Word Formation Exercise 1

Can you think of any similar nouns? Word formation exercises fce worked in pairs to come up the sentences and then exchanged them with other classmates.

Obviously, coming up with the word to fill in the gap was a no-brainer at that point. The difficulty lied in coming up with a sentence that would justify using this word.

Once again, it boiled down to my students understanding the meaning of the words in context. Police working on solving the bank robbery have by chance a plan to murder a leading politician. We should go and word formation exercises fce at "Franco's" which is a great little restaurant.

I left the house at 8am and stared at the empty garage in.

My car was nowhere to be seen. Someone had stolen it!