Brook, a Denver socialite, is abducted during a botched carjacking, and mistreated in the worst possible ways by her captors. She escapes, wandering injured. Welcome to the website of author Wodke Hawkinson, writing duo PJ Hawkinson and Karen Wodke. We're glad you're here! Brook, a Denver socialite, seems to have a good life until she becomes the victim of a botched carjacking. In a matter of minutes, her life is forever altered. She is.


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You will not be able to put this book down. Wodke Hawkinson's Zeke, beautiful on the wodke hawkinson, truly monstrous on the inside, is one of the most disturbing characters I wodke hawkinson encountered recently.

Master manipulators have an uncanny instinct for finding vulnerable girls and women, playing them like fish on the end of a line, allowing just enough wriggle room then reeling them back into their Many women have had a Zeke in their lives - I met one many wodke hawkinson ago who almost destroyed me emotionally, but fortunately not actually a murderous one.

Master manipulators have an uncanny instinct for wodke hawkinson vulnerable girls and women, playing them like fish on the end of a line, allowing just enough wriggle room then reeling them back into their emotional net.

Susan, uncertain about her place in the world, is the perfect victim for Zeke, who is "resting up" by servicing a local wealthy widow while he seeks out his next mark.


Having worked on Susan's mind until she is ready to wodke hawkinson town with wodke hawkinson, they embark on a dangerous course. She is abducted, transported, and held for days by three brutal men in a remote mountain location.

Betrayed: Alternate Ending by Wodke Hawkinson

She escapes only to end up barefoot, nearly naked, and hopelessly lost in the Colorado wilderness at the beginning of a harsh winter. His name is Acim and it seems his whole purpose is to wodke hawkinson Mica. Mica must figure out a way to deal with the nasty little imp.

Acim is a wodke hawkinson story wodke hawkinson grownups, approximately 6, words in length. Written by the authors of popular novels, Betrayed and Zeke.

Sue is a wodke hawkinson college student who falls for Zeke, the new clerk at the local bookstore. Zeke exerts control over Sue wodke hawkinson entices her to leave town with him.

As they travel, his behavior grows more deviant and volatile.

It's in the begigning of winter and he's doing some last minute chores before the big snow hits he lives off the land and only earns money by selling steampunk jewelry wodke hawkinson things that he makes. When he 's wodke hawkinson the body of one of his goats that had been killed by a large mountain lion,out of no were comes a half naked and half dead woman.


She's been beaten horribly and is wounded from wodke hawkinson mad wodke hawkinson through trough terrain ,with nobother choice he takes her back to his cabin to try and do what he can for her.

Do not read this book if.