List view. OPTISWIRL C Vortex flowmeter – Compact version with integrated pressure / temperature compensation, shut. Icon/Logo for Flow computer built-. Principle of Operation: Vortex flow meters make use of a principle called the von Kármán effect. According to this principle, flow will alternately generate vortices. These “shed” vortices are carried downstream in the flow and are detected by vortex shedding and fluidic flow meters, which measure the velocity of liquids and.


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This can be achieved by installing the bluff body horizontally.


The permanent pressure loss through a vortex meter is about half that of an orifice plate, roughly two velocity heads. If the pipe and meter are properly sized and of the same size, the pressure drop is vortex flow meter to be only a few psi.

However, downsizing installing a smaller-than-line-size meter in order to increase the Reynolds can increase the head loss to more than 10 psi.

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One should also make sure that the vena contracta pressure does not drop below the vapor vortex flow meter of the process fluid, because that would cause cavitation. Naturally, if the back-pressure on the meter is below the vapor pressure, the process fluid will flash and the meter reading will not be meaningful.

The main advantages of vortex meters are their low sensitivity to variations in process conditions and low wear relative to orifices or turbine meters. Also, initial and maintenance costs are low. For vortex flow meter reasons, they have been gaining wider acceptance among users.

Installation Recommendations When installing a vortex flowmeter in vortex flow meter existing process where the flow range is not known, it is recommended to first make some approximate measurements using portable pitot or clamp-on ultrasonic devices.

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Otherwise, there is no guarantee that a line-size vortex meter will work at all. The vortex meter requires a vortex flow meter and symmetrical flow velocity profile, free from any distortions or swirls. This necessitates the use of straight up- and downstream piping to condition the flow.

The straight length of pipe must be the same size as the meter and its length should be about the same as required for an orifice installation with a beta ratio of 0.

Most vortex flow meter flowmeter manufacturers recommend a minimum of 30 pipe diameters downstream of control valves, and 3 to 4 pipe diameters between the meter and downstream pressure taps.

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Temperature elements should be small and located 5 to 6 diameters downstream. About half of all vortex meter installations require vortex flow meter "necking down" of oversized process piping by concentric reducers and expanders.

This expands the range of measurements that can be performed, from the higher flow rates down to the lower end of the flow span, and ensures stable and accurate flow rate output, which is normally difficult vortex flow meter vortex flow meters.

Steam Flow Measurement Steam has often been described as the 'lifeblood' of the industry.

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Vortex meters are known to be superior devices for steam flow vortex flow meter due to their inherent linear measurement, large turndown, low pressure drop, and high accuracy.

The multivariable vortex flow meter is ideal for high temperature, superheated, and saturated steam applications vortex flow meter it eliminates the need for separate components and associated installation temperature.

In addition, it provides quality, dependability and high pressure ratings along with a stable and reliable flow measurement.


Read the application note to learn more. Liquid Applications Liquid applications in the oil refinery industry become challenging since the process liquid is a vortex flow meter viscosity at lower process temperatures.

Alerts are also triggered in high-vibration environments and those with excessive flow fluctuations in the area around the shedder bar. This enables automatic condition-based maintenance.