Title, Rama's Later History: Or, Uttara-rama-charita; an Ancient Hindu Drama, Volume Volume 21 of Harvard Oriental series, ed. by Charles Rockwell. Up next. Uttara Rama Charitam -1 - Duration: Master E.K Spiritual & Service Mission 2, views · Ramas Later History Or Uttara-Rama-Charita An Ancient Hindu Drama By Bhavabhuti by Bhavabhuti and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible.


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The object of the Translator has been to give the literal meaning of the original in tolerable English prose. The poetical translation of this play uttara rama charita Professor Wilson.

The Uttara rama charita of Bhavabhuti - Bhavabhuti - Google книги

uttara rama charita His works were mainly valued for the hold they established over the emotions of the audience through the sheer beauty of the poetry. He himself, he implies, was in no way able to aspire to the rank of poet through his own individual merits but only through the fact of his descent from the rishi Kashyapa and through the accumulated merits of his Brahminical forbears.

For generations, he says, his whole family had taken knowledge of truth for its ultimate goal in life. uttara rama charita

They valued holy living the practice of dharma only as a means to this, and they uttara rama charita practical skills artha and family life and begetting of children kama only as a means to dharma.

Life itself was valued primarily as an opportunity for ascetic practice tapasunderstood as devotion to the life of Brahminical scholarship in a spirit of self-abnegation.

According to classical Indian dramatic theory as laid down in the Natya Shastra of Bharata, the purpose of drama is didactic. It should bring the essence of the Yedic teaching before women and others uttara rama charita have not the right or the capacity to study the Veda.


It should deliberately strive to exercise a uttara rama charita influence on the manners of the spectators, uplifting their minds to holy ideals and helping to preserve them from the vulgarity of greed, anger and sensuality.

Its business is with evoking emotional response through the portrayal of human experience.


uttara rama charita And the education of the poet in rhetoric and the secular disciplines merely serves to heighten his powers of presenting noble deeds and gripping variegated spectacles. He need not expect acclaim in his own life-time.

Catalog Record: The Uttara rama charita of Bhavabhuti | Hathi Trust Digital Library

It is the high office of the poet as seer to continue the work of the Vedic seers in a form accessible to a wider circle beyond those conversant with the Vedic language. Hence Valmiki is given the rank of a seer and placed on a level with the seers of the Vedic uttara rama charita.

The function of the poet is not to uttara rama charita forms but to transmit visions, moulding them into literary form.

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As seer he beholds the Absolute and the spiritual law dharma direct, and as artist he moulds them into forms corresponding with empirical experience, and as teacher he shows the patterns whereby the divine norms can be realised in the midst of worldly life. The characters in uttara rama charita plays and the sentiments rasa they display and evoke in the hearts of the audience are meant to illustrate facts uttara rama charita the spiritual law and encourage certain attitudes towards it.

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The concrete embodiment of the spiritual law is the sage, conceived normally as a forest-dweller. Hence ideal kings, like Rama, who follow the spiritual law, look to sages like Vasishtha uttara rama charita guidance.


His function is not merely to exemplify peace but actively to spread it. He has the power of prophecy, should he choose to exercise it, and in fact Bhavabhuti goes further and says uttara rama charita whereas the words of the good man follow facts, facts themselves follow the words of a sage.

This illuminating kanda portrays the history of Ravana, Hanuman's mischievous childhood exploits, and two of the most controversial episodes in the entire epic. Sattar's introductory essays provide readers with a cogent framework to appreciate and analyze uttara rama charita subtleties of the story.