The United States Postal Service change-of-address form, PS Form , is available at all post offices in hard-copy form, which you can. Go to to change your address online. This is the fastest and Inside the packet is PS Form Fill out this change of. Sign PS FORM MAY Visit usps. com to change your address online or call ASK-USPS NOTE The person signing this form.


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Sick and tired of updating your address every time you move? Your mailbox address with us solves this problem for you. Submit your Change of Address once and never worry about doing it again. Your VPM mailbox address always stays the same and goes wherever you usps ps form 3575.

Download Printable USPS Change of Address Form | PS Form | PDF | Word |

This can either usps ps form 3575 temporary or permanent. There are three ways to submit a request: This is the fastest way to file. USPS updated their site which causes an error to show up when you update your mailing address to a CMRA - "According to our records, there is no unit or apartment number associated with this address.

Please verify the address for accuracy before continuing, and then click 'Next. After 3 errors and retries, the system will then just accept the address without question.

File a PS Form in person at your local post office. You will no longer be able to print out this form at home to take to your post office.

So if you pursue this option, you must obtain the form directly from your local post office. Both methods require verification that you are authorized to make a Change of Address request.

Download USPS Change of Address Form - PS Form | PDF wikiDownload

On the rightmost edge of the lines described thus far is a section for official use only. Next is Section six. It is here that you usps ps form 3575 the old address. Section eight, which also occupies three lines, is for the new address.

How to File a Change of Address With USPS

In both sections seven and eight, there are special consideration for addresses in Puerto Rico. The last line to fill consists of Sections nine and ten. Check yes or no 3.


First Name and Middle Initial only 6. Old Apt or Suite b. For Puerto Rico Only: If address is in PR, print urbanization name, if appropriate c.