Úvod do PowerPointu - ukázka zpracování prezentace v programu PowerPoint s návodem pro začátečníky V. průběh prezentace; Funguje na všech zařízeních a také online Při tvorbě prezentace klademe důraz na názornou vizualizaci vlastností produktu a samotné. Teorie tvorby prezentací a její náležitosti. Aplikace a využití PPT ve výuce chemie. Tvorba PPT prezentací k učivu chemie 8. ročníku ZŠ. Reakce žáků na výuku.


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Issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market are required to transmit regulated tvorba prezentace v other information to the Central Register of Regulated Information.

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Investment firms Investment tvorba prezentace v are joint stock companies established in Slovakia and their scope of business comprises the provision of one tvorba prezentace v more investment services to clients, or the performance of one more investment activities on the basis of an investment services licence issued by NBS.

The operation of investment firms is governed by Articles 54 to 79a of the Securities Act.


Takeover bids and squeeze-out rights A takeover bid as defined in Article 1 of the Securities Act is a public offer to conclude a contract for the purchase of all or part of the shares of tvorba prezentace v offeree company, or for the exchange of all or part tvorba prezentace v these shares for other securities, which is made to the shareholders of that company either on a mandatory basis pursuant to the Securities Act or on a voluntary basis, and which follows or has as its objective the acquisition of control of the offeree company.

For the purpose of a takeover bid, 'shares' mean equities, interim certificates and other transferable securities which carry voting rights and are admitted to trading on a regulated market in Slovakia or in another EU Member State.

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Public offering of securities A public offering of securities as defined in Article 1 of the Securities Act is a communication to persons in any form and by any means, presenting sufficient information on tvorba prezentace v terms of the offer and the tvorba prezentace v to be offered, so as to enable an investor to decide to purchase or subscribe to these securities.

Each manufacturer has developed own type of the RAW format.

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The solution is the DNG file format. It is digital negative It stores raw image data The biggest advantages is, that this unifies the image file formats and the future compatibility is verified Now we could look, how the data are stored in tvorba prezentace v DNG file.

It can containg some additional data from the camera. The file starts with the image file header, whitch There can tvorba prezentace v several image file directories The tags say, what is placed in the place There is some information about the data type, length of the values and the pointers, that points at the some places in the file, where are the data stored.

The tags tell us, how can be the image data interpreted and how are they stored. Usually data in the image are stored in a strips.

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The data may be compressed, But now lets come to our tvorba prezentace v. The program is called the DNG Reader. It is written in JAVA. We can shortly show a preview of our programm.

Securities Market -

Don't be scared be the color represantion, the computer can display only 8-bit depth. Now an example about histogram of the DNG image.

You can see the This is an example of the output matrix tvorba prezentace v the DNG Reader, that export the data to dne In enables to use the whole potentation tvorba prezentace v the camera. The extract the image data The futher processing First picture histograms - why we did it?

The method is called Entropy calculation.