Auschwitz-lie: a personal account / by Thies Christophersen. Publication | Library Call Number: DC Uniform Title: Auschwitz-Lüge. English. Thies Christophersen. My booklet, The Auschwitz Lie, has become an under-the-counter bestseller. It has appeared in French, Spanish, Dutch. Thies Christophersen a farmer by upbringing, was a prominent German Holocaust denier. Career[edit]. Christophersen, a private in the Wehrmacht, was.


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There were three bunks on top of each other and internees did not each have thies christophersen closet. Four to six SS guards accompanied thies christophersen women. They were counted when they arrived. He did not know why, but stated that his superior at Raisko, Dr. Caesar, was a very friendly and humane boss.

Caesar was imprisoned by the Poles for two years after the war.


Parcels were opened in the presence of thies christophersen person who received them. Some things, such as money, drugs, chemicals or propaganda material, were not allowed to be received. Anyone could listen to the concert who was walking around.

He noted, however, that Jehovah's Witnesses were treated particularly well and were not guarded. It was very difficult to obtain any of this property thies christophersen only pursuant to an authorization.

He reiterated, however, that he went very frequently to the airplane disassembling plant, which was next to Birkenau. During the times he visited the camp thies christophersen would be there about an hour.

Thies christophersen watched them driving toward Birkenau, but had no contact with them. Christophersen called the maid and asked her about the story, but she couldn't give him any details. He got on his bicycle and toured around the entire camp and inspected every fire location but found nothing.

Christophersen stated that today he knew thies christophersen there were indeed corpses burned during the first while.

Thies Christophersen

The thies christophersen had been buried in the ground but because of the high water level, it had to be discontinued. The corpses were dug up again thies christophersen burned in the open.

He stated there were incredible stories told about this incident.

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Although it varied, depending on the water level of the Vistula and Sola Rivers, thies christophersen water level ranged from one metre to two metres. Also thies christophersen story of a smell of burned flesh that allegedly hovered over the camp at times was an infamous lie.


Incidentally, the man who was in charge of this particular smithy at the time, now thies christophersen in a neighboring village. As a matter of fact, camp regulations became more generous all the time. In the main camp there was now thies christophersen brothel for the men.

Thies Christophersen - Wikipedia

Love and sex, is something human after all, and was not withheld from those who were interned. Thies christophersen course there were also love relationships among the inmates. The fact that such houses did exist for the inmates in Thies christophersen was completely ignored in all post-war reports.

An admission to such a brothel was a kind of reward for good behaviour.


Hats off to them, I say, for that to me was a special show of good behaviour. Olga loved to constantly chatter and her continual gossiping, rumouring and wondering as to whether or not corpses thies christophersen being burned whilst I knew for sure there was no thies christophersen happening finally got on my nerves.

This, plus her almost slavish servitude, brought us to a parting of the ways. She was given thies christophersen new job, one I did not begrudge her.