Sushi Go! is an easy drafting card game – which will mean squat to anyone who isn't into the “geeky” game lingo, so let me explain. The game is played in three. Find product information, ratings and reviews for Sushi Go Card Game online on No information is available for this page.


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So that 3 point Squid Nigiri can jump from 3 points to 9 points in one turn. Like I said, the game is played in three rounds and a round ends when there are no more cards sushi go cards to pass.

Players then figure out scores and write them sushi go cards. Players hold onto those until the end of the game and whoever has the most gets 6 points — and whoever has the least LOSES 6 points.

When the scores are in the cards are reshuffled and dealt to start the next round.

How to play Sushi Go! | UltraBoardGames

There is one nice twist to the game: If a player drafts a Chopsticks card it allows them to trade in sushi go cards Chopsticks on a later turn. Overall, I think Sushi Go!

sushi go cards The cards are cute and the game plays pretty quickly. I will warn against playing with two players. There are alternative rules for two players which sushi go cards it a better experience, but not great.

Since I wrote this post Gamewright has released Sushi Go! Party a deluxe version with more cards, more ways to play, and up to 8 people can play versus 5. This is to show that the nigiri has been dipped in wasabi and has tripled in value!

Gamewright | Award-winning Family Games | Board, Dice, Party

You may have multiple wasabi cards in front of you but only 1 nigiri card may be placed on each wasabi card. Using Chopsticks If you already have a chopsticks card in sushi go cards of you, you may take 2 sushi cards on a future turn!

Here's how it works: Choose the first card you would like from your hand as usual. Before everyone else reveals their cards, call out "Sushi Go! Then all players reveal their cards. Before passing hands, put the chopsticks card back into your hand. This means it will now be passed on, and other players may take it to sushi go cards again.

You may sushi go cards multiple chopsticks cards in front of you but may only use 1 per turn. Ending a round When the final remaining card of each hand is passed on, simply place it face-up with the other cards you have collected.

Often this final card won't be of much use, but sometimes an unfortunate player will be forced to leave you with something valuable.

Sushi Go! Game Rules

Scoring Maki Rolls Each player adds up the maki roll icons at the top of all their maki sushi go cards cards. The player with the most icons scores 6 points. If multiple players tie for the most, they split the 6 points evenly ignoring any remainder and no second place points are awarded.


The player with the second most icons scores 3 points. If multiple players tie for second place, they split the points evenly ignoring sushi go cards remainder.