Extending from the sources of Shariah in the Qur'an, hadith and the legal maxims of Islamic law to the discussion of issues such as freedom of religion, gender equality and human rights, Shariah Law: Questions and Answers connects the theoretical aspects of the law with how it is applied in the world today. "Kamali's masterful introduction is the best way to get introduced to the rich tradition of Islamic law. An exquisite accomplishment." -- Omid Safi, Director, Middle. An Introduction to Islamic Law has 37 ratings and 3 reviews. Tariq said: How I wish some of our own (Muslim) scholars would take matters into their own h.


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Application of Islamic law by country

The following sections illustrate some basic features of Islamic law shariah law an introduction it was traditionally applied. Family Law Cases involving violations of some religious duties, lawsuits over property and business disputes, and family law all came before the kadis.

Most of these cases would be considered civil law matters in Western courts today. Family law always made up an important part of the Sharia.

Below are some features of family law in the classic Sharia that would guide the kadi in making his decisions.

Islamic law : an introduction / Mohamad Akram Laldin | National Library of Australia

Usually, an individual became an adult at puberty. A man could marry up to four wives at once. A wife could refuse to accompany her husband on journeys.

The support of an abandoned infant was a public responsibility.

Sharia - Wikipedia

A wife had the right to food, clothing, housing, and a marriage gift from her husband. When the owner of a female slave acknowledged her shariah law an introduction as his own, the child became free. The child's mother became free when the owner died. In an inheritance, a brother took twice the amount as his sister.

The brother also had financial responsibility for his sister.

A husband could dissolve a marriage by repudiating his wife three times. A wife could return her dowry to her husband for a divorce. She could also get a decree from a kadi ending the marriage if her husband mistreated, deserted, or failed to support her.

After a divorce, the mother usually had the shariah law an introduction of custody of her young children.

Application of Islamic law by country - Wikipedia

Criminal Law The classic Sharia identified the most serious crimes as shariah law an introduction mentioned in the Koran. These were considered sins against Allah and carried mandatory punishments.

Some of these crimes and punishments were: Sunnah means the example of shariah law an introduction Prophet. Over the next 23 years, the Quran, the holy book of Islam, was gradually revealed which represents not only the spiritual fountainhead for Muslims but is also the foremost source for Shariah.


In the second century of Islam, the Iraqis converted the sunna from a political and theological into a legal context, which gave the impression that sunna was divine in nature and every act of the Prophet was meant to be followed and interpreted as a living tradition, which still exists to shariah law an introduction day.

The various schools of sharia formulation are also contradictory, which also points to the men-devised-sharia argument.