Dalle App di servizio alle App di relazione: come cambia il rapporto medico-paziente. ullio. Year: Issue: 3 language: Italian Pages: 14 Pg. FullText PDF: 60 KB DOI: /SES (DOI is like a bar code for intellectual property: to. Il principio di correttezza nel rapporto medicopaziente, [] Giustizia civ prev ; G Cassano, Obbligo di informazione, relazione medico-paziente, difficoltà.


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Relazione medico paziente pdf file - PDF Files

Princeton University Press trad. A Systematic Review and Metaanalysis.


Suffering, Healing, and the Human Condition. Salute e disuguaglianze in Europa. Processi sociali e meccanismi individuali in azione.

Percorsi di vita e di salute. Saperi, pratiche e politiche del corpo.

Rapporto medico-paziente - Wikipedia

Physician Gender Effects in Medical Communication. The Journal of the American Medical Association, 6: A cura di P.

A Contribution to the Philosophy of Medicine. This paper will examine the difficulties encountered in the bio-medical approach adopted relazione medico paziente understand the psycho-social needs present in the clinical observation of a diseased body to the treatment of the person.

Relazione medico-paziente: trattamento di prima scelta?

Traditional interpretation tools are not sufficient to comprehend the complexity of the factors involved in prevention processes, and the risk is that the introduction of new approaches relazione medico paziente be delayed.

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As I will argue, the deployment of anthropological concepts and methods within medical institutions allows to effectively reveal many of the limits in the doctor-patient interactions and the informed consent system.

Finally, my article relazione medico paziente a meta-disciplinary reflection discussing the ethical conditions of ethnographic research and the possible roles that anthropological knowledge might play within medical institutions.