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Parkinson. by Catherine Henriquez Montanares on Prezi

Because of common que es bradicinesia and pathological findings, a lively debate still revolves que es bradicinesia the fact that DLB and PD could belong to the same spectrum of a common disease or, in contrast, represent truly separate disorders.

This is one of the most common causes of degenerative parkinsonism, with age at onset of symptoms usually in the late 6th or early 7th decades.

Classically, patients present with a core combination of dysautonomia, cerebellar features, and parkinsonism; in most patients the latter predominates, except in Japanese populations.

A jerky postural tremor is frequently seen, as well as pyramidal signs, such as generalized hyperreflexia and extensor plantar reflexes.

Parkinsonism will respond to levodopa in up to roughly a third of patients, but que es bradicinesia is usually a suboptimal and short-lived que es bradicinesia Edwards c ; Gilman et al.

Other suggestive features of this disorder are severe dysarthria or dysphonia, orofacial dystonia, marked antecollis, and inspiratory sighing Gilman et al. The classical phenotype Richardson syndrome, RS will be hardly confused with PD, as patients present with a largely symmetric akinetic-rigid syndrome, with predominant axial involvement, including impairment of gait and balance, with falls occurring as early as the first year of symptoms.

Tremor is infrequently seen in these patients. Other typical signs of RS are vertical gaze supranuclear palsy only slowing of vertical saccades is apparent in early stagespseudobulbar symptoms, retrocollis, and continuous activity of the frontalis muscle, with eyes permanently wide open e.

Frontal-subcortical cognitive deficits are que es bradicinesia evident. Levodopa is usually of no benefit Warren and Burn ; Williams and Lees However, other patients present with a parkinsonian syndrome resembling PD: Disease progression is usually slow.


Parkinsonian symptoms resembling the classical picture of PD have been described. Women carrying the premutation tend to display mitigated symptoms, as well as premature ovarian failure and menopause.

Confirmation of diagnosis is achieved through molecular testing. que es bradicinesia

Bradicinesia by alejandra Elgueta on Prezi

Children in the family of those affected with FXTAS may have the classical fragile-X syndrome, owing to meiotic repeat expansion to the full mutation range Berry-Kravis et al.

Many other parkinsonian disorders have been described Table 4and some of them are at times confused with PD, que es bradicinesia they tend to present specific clinical features, frequently with complex phenotypes.

Most disorders in the first group are degenerative. A number of levodopa-responsive parkinsonian syndromes have been described and linked to a specific locus or gene que es bradicinesia the last few years, and some of them have been classified as PARK syndromes Gasser ; Klein et al.

Some of these denote true PD, whereas others represent more complex phenotypes and dissimilar diseases.


Only the former group will be briefly approached here, as the clinical phenotype may be a useful pointer for the diagnosis in daily practice, guiding subsequent molecular testing.

For more details on the genetics of PD please refer to Que es bradicinesia and Westenberger Progression appears to be faster than in que es bradicinesia PD and dementia is a frequent finding; at times the clinical picture resembles DLB, but mean age at onset que es bradicinesia much lower than in sporadic cases Polymeropoulos et al.

Researchers described a group of families with parkinsonism closely resembling that of sporadic PD, including age of onset mean 59 yr ; the locus has been mapped to 2p