Before we get to the drummers, though, let's hear from a man whose contributions to the art of prog-rock guitar are legendary, and who's been known to lay it. I have the highest respect for Progressive Rock Drummers, as their songs have overly complex rhythms and odd time signatures! At the outset, before , progressive rock drumming was basically standard rock drumming: it provided a solid foundation that gave the other instrumentalists.


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Michael Brauning Tool, Lateralus.

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The creativity, sound, and thought behind each drum hit have made Danny Carey stand out for years. On this album, he became an absolute master.

Tomás Howie Drumming Web - Rhythms of Progressive Rock

His drumming is tight and funky, and he creatively navigates the odd time signatures and rhythmic changes. Jesse Guterman Focus, Moving Waves. I believe if you could put Buddy Rich and John Bonham progressive rock drumming in one drummer, that, to me, would be perfect drumming.

Progressive rock drumming was the only double kick drum player that really influenced me. But it has been absolutely amazing.

Progressive Rock Drumming

They might be my new favorite band. What got me into progressive music was Neil Peart.


Growing up in Canada, he was my biggest influence, and still is. I learned the drum parts from every Rush album.

I took lessons when I was younger and learned the rudiments, and I pushed myself with the metronome. But I needed something more. That something more was Rush and Progressive rock drumming Peart.

After that it was was Tim Alexander from Primus. All these guys are very musical, percussive players. My current favorite drummer is Gavin Harrison.

What’s Your Favorite Prog Drumming Record? - Modern Drummer Magazine

I push myself to grow and improve with every new recording. The two bands that have inspired me on this cruise are Periphery and Animals as Leaders. Mike Portnoy did an outstanding job of gathering a wide variety of artists, from prog legends to new, cutting-edge progressive rock drumming.

Most of that drumming is quite straightforward and simple, but very effective. That made a big impact on my early drumming. I try to keep the progressive rock drumming in Haken relatively simple underneath the music, which can be quite complicated at times.

I listened to a lot of Dream Theater in my teens, and then Porcupine Tree later on. So Mike Portnoy and Gavin Harrison are really big influences from a technical and odd-time-signature level.

But they also know how to make it sound simple while playing some pretty ridiculous stuff. That led to learning about the more fusion-oriented players like Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd.

He was progressive rock drumming wonderful multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Tobias played some amazing things when he was improvising that I never expected. But when you have to improvise, you can really show your true abilities.