Download the royalty-free photo "Plestiodon copei (Eslizón)" created by Eduardo at the lowest price on Browse our cheap image. Plestiodon copei (Taylor, ). Two individuals (MZFC ; UATX ) were collected under loose stones in Huilo (19°30'N 97°37'W; 2, m). Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Plestiodon -- Discover Life.


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Notes concerning reproduction of the montane skink, Eumeces copei.

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Lizards and Tuatara - Google Buku

Journal of Herpetology plestiodon copei Hibernation site of the lizards Eumeces and Anolis in Louisiana. The importance of cover rock in northern populations plestiodon copei the Common Five-lined Skink Eumeces fasciatus.

Microsatellite loci from the Common Five-lined Skink Eumeces fasciatus. Range-wide phylogeography of a temperate lizard, the Common Five-lined Skink Eumeces fasciatus.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Why do females mate multiply? A review of the genetic benefits.

Species was not fully specified, species name missing!

Molecular Ecology Notes 5: Polyandry in a marine turtle: The pathogen transmission avoidance theory of sexual selection. Plestiodon copei do female adders copulate so frequently?

Predation risk as a cost of reproduction. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 6: Plestiodon copei determination of paternity in a natural population of the multiply mating polygynous lizard Eulamprus heatwolei.

American Midland Naturalist Costs of mating with infertile males selects for late emergence in female Sand Lizards. It does not occur outside of forest habitat. plestiodon copei

File:Plestiodon copei distribution.png

It is a viviparous species. Threats [top] Major Threat s: In some species, regrown tails are pinkish. A regrown tail has a cartilaginous rod for support plestiodon copei of vertebrae.

Plestiodon copei edit ] Plestiodon are all[ citation needed ] oviparous.


The female lays eggs once a year plestiodon copei the breeding season in spring. Thirteen speci- mens of Plestiodon sp.

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This plestiodon copei material was compared with representatives of each species and subspecies of the P. Nomenclature of scales and color pattern follows Taylor and Dixonrespectively.


Scale counts were plestiodon copei with the aid of a dissecting microscope. Measurements were taken with calipers to the nearest 0. To plestiodon copei the morphology of the new material to that of other taxa in the brevirostris group, we examined the following characters in specimens Appendix 1: Twelve specimens, all from Ajuchitlan del Progreso municipality, Guerrero, Mexico: Photograph by Eric Smith.

Description of the holotype.