The goal of this geeklist is to serve as a list of all material published for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG, with commentary and links to help interested gamers. Foreword. I'm going to start with a couple of disclaimers. First of all, this is my very first review. So please be kind. Secondly, I am not a person. Pendragon is a pen-and-paper role playing game written in by Greg Stafford and published by Chaosium. The game has come out with four subsequent.


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I have generally worked with committees to develop RPGs, because the task is monumental and requires a team to finish pendragon rpg in a reasonable length of time.


However Pendragon was done almost entirely by me, both the game design and the background pendragon rpg. I am extremely grateful to Stewart Weick for giving me the opportunity to create a new edition, but especially for the chance to pendragon rpg and publish The Great Pendragon Campaign.

That massive tome is a guideline for an entire year campaign, running from before Arthur is conceived to after his pendragon rpg.


If you have little or no idea of what exactly the Arthur cycle is about, start with Wikipedia for a brief overview. It is, however, a literary tradition, so if you'd like to go past pendragon rpg encyclopedism, T. White's The Once And Future King is generally considered the best single-volume source for the modern reader.

I would like to plug the earlier four-volume edition of Howard Pyle's as well -- it is ostensibly pendragon rpg kid's version, but it is well-written, beautifully illustrated, and engaging.


Pendragon uses a variant of the Basic Roleplaying System developed by Chaosium in the late s. It was one of the first skill-based as opposed to class-and-level based systems. While vanilla BRP uses a percentile system, Pendragon simplified everything by converting to a single d An important part of the game is pendragon rpg time between adventures, during which player characters manage their estates, get married, pendragon rpg, and have children.

Pendragon (role-playing game)

Typically, the characters will have one adventure per year, and campaigns often carry over across generations, with players retiring their character and taking the role of that character's heir.

This pendragon rpg quite different from most role-playing games, where one set of characters is played fairly intensively, and there is typically little consideration made of what happens to their family pendragon rpg descendants.


The influence of this idea can be seen in pendragon rpg Ars Magica RPG, which also encourages stories taking years or decades to unfold and which is also set pendragon rpg medieval Europe.

The default Pendragon setting is a pastiche of actual fifth- and sixth-century British history, high medieval history 10th to 15th centuriesand Arthurian legend.

The political forces are roughly those actually present in sub-Roman Britain: Pendragon rpg fighting Germanic, Irish, and Pictish invaders in the wake of the collapse of Roman authority.

Pendragon(RPG) | Quondam et Futurus | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Technology and many aspects of culture, however, progress in an accelerated fashion, pendragon rpg that King Arthur 's Britain is depicted as thoroughly feudal. Knights bear unique coats of armsjoust in tournaments, follow chivalric customs, and pursue courtly love. Pendragon rpg effect, many trappings of the milieu in which the Arthurian romances were composed are projected backwards.

Many of the campaign events and personalities come from the great mass of Arthurian literature composed pendragon rpg the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. That being said, it is also possible to run a Pendragon campaign set firmly in the Dark Ages or in a pendragon rpg fantastic vision of Arthurian Britain.

Pendragon (role-playing game) - Wikipedia

System[ edit ] The rules system of Pendragon is most notable for its system of personality traits and passions pendragon rpg both control and represent the character's behavior.

Otherwise, it uses fairly traditional game mechanics for normal play, based to some degree on the Basic Role-Playing BRP system, [4] but also has a pendragon rpg of charts and tables for determining what happens to a character's family in between adventures.

The characters' ability scores are based on BRP standard, but skills are resolved using d20rather than d Personal Traits[ edit ] These are thirteen opposing values that represent a pendragon rpg personality. Pendragon rpg values on the left side are Virtues and the values on the right are Vices.