Report can be downloaded in configurable CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML and XML formats. PDF documents can be customized via custom HTML templates. PDF encryption feature added, the file buyer receives is encrypted with his PayPal .. Moonchip PDF and Screenshot generator is a module that allows you to. Phoca PDF is a Joomla! component. It enables you to set and create PDF documents in Joomla!. PDF documents in Joomla!. Get this; Favourite; Report; Share.


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Page-breaks for questions, automatical pagination into specified number of questions per page.

Joomla! Extensions Directory - Data Reports

Ability to display questions horizontally in columns. Featured status of questions and ability to display featured questions first.


Saving of intermediate survey results for logged users, so they can proceed with survey later. Ability to re-take a survey for logged user.

Questions SVG results statistics: List, Linear, Bars, Pie. Settings of chart colors, dimensions, legend, axis etc.

Backend individual submission answers view with edit submission page. This is what really separates Tabulizer from other solutions which come with a limited fixed set of table templates and tuning parameters.

With Tabulizer every styling option of transformation rule can be applied individually on the table elements row, column, cell that you specify. Not only that, but you can apply these pdf report generator joomla easily using Tabulizer's backend panel or the online Table Creation Wizard.

Tables created with Tabulizer are regular pdf report generator joomla, meaning that you edit them like regular tables.

When editing the table you can use a plain text editor or work with the grid editor for a spreadsheet like experience.

PDF Embed, by Techjoomla - Joomla Extension Directory

This of course does not apply to pdf report generator joomla tables that are created on the fly. Apart from the static tables in which you convert your input data into a regular HTML table, you may choose to create a dynamic table in which the table changes every pdf report generator joomla the data source that is linked to is modified.

A data source can be: The database can be the internal site db, or an external one.

  • Reportico, by Peter Deed - Joomla Extension Directory
  • Phoca PDF, by Jan Pavelka - Joomla Extension Directory
  • Introduction

Import data directly from an Excel file. You can also to choose to keep colors.

How to generate pdf in joomla

Re-Tabulize an existing table. You can reTabulize an existing table if you want to beautify it by applying a new ruleset, or because you want to add new data. Table to Graph conversion.


You pdf report generator joomla convert a regular HTML table into an interactive graph! Using the online graph creation wizard you can create your own graph template or preset, with your graph preferences and use it in your website to convert your existing or new tables into super cool graphs.

Check out the graph creation wizardto get an idea of what you can do.

Alter Reports

Download and Email table data as file Sometimes you want site users and visitors to be able to download the table data as a file CSV, Excel format. Tabulizer can do that with a single extra pdf report generator joomla.

Download and Email graph image as file Likewise, you can allow site users and visitors to be able to download the produced graph image as a file png, gif, jpg format. As the pdf report generator joomla of small devices iPad, smart phones, etc is increasing lately, so the need for a "responsive design", i.

The responsiveness therefore is a design principle, not a concrete implementation.