Get information about sodium benzoate e food preservative, its chemical formula, properties, food uses, non food uses and sodium benzoate side effects. Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of BENZOIC ACID. It is used as an antifungal preservative in pharmaceutical preparations and foods. It may also be used as  PubChem CID‎: ‎ Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita was recently yanked from the shelves of Whole Foods markets for purportedly having a.


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A boy drinking soda pop from a bottle.


While it is generally recognized as safe in small doses, natrium benzoate benzoate may cause harmful health effects under certain conditions. Learning the facts on sodium benzoate allows you to assess its risks and benefits more accurately.


Video of the Day Uses The most common source of sodium benzoate is food; manufacturers use it as a preservative to prevent spoilage. If the intracellular pH falls to 5 or lower, the anaerobic fermentation of glucose through natrium benzoate decreases sharply, [17] which inhibits the growth and survival of microorganisms that cause natrium benzoate spoilage.

Benzene in soft drinks In combination with ascorbic acid vitamin C, Esodium benzoate and potassium benzoate may form benzenea known carcinogen. When tested by the FDA, most beverages that contained both ascorbic natrium benzoate and benzoate had benzene levels that were below those considered natrium benzoate for consumption by the World Health Organization 5 ppb.

TMZ reports that a class action lawsuit has also been filed against the parent company alleging misleading claims about the product being natural.

What is natrium benzoate benzoate, and should you be worried about ingesting it? The chemical is a preservative commonly found in foods most people consume daily, natrium benzoate beverages such as sodas and juice drinks that are acidic.

It's also found in items such as pickles, salsa and dip, and can turn up in cosmetics and medicines. Sodium benzoate is also occurs naturally in fruits like apples, cranberries and plums.

Cloves and cinnamons also have a certain amount of sodium benzoate content in them. Although sodium benzoate is found in certain foods and spices naturally, it does not play the role of a preservative for the foods that it is found in.

SODIUM BENZOATE || Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database | EWG

Natrium benzoate Benzoate Properties The most important of the sodium benzoate properties is that it kills bacteria, yeast or natrium benzoate growth. It works the best for foods that have pH balance less than 3.

Also, the concentration of sodium benzoate as a food preservative is limited to 0.