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I think this single speech is so reflective of the way our expanding expectations have gotten out of control. Modern love stories I offer you a poignant, if exaggerated, example of how these typically go: And to comfort you when your football team loses and drink with you when they win.

This litany of expectations is a modern love stories setup for failure. Once we strayed because marriage was not supposed to deliver love and passion.

Today we stray because marriage fails to deliver the love, passion, and undivided attention it promised.

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These expectations are extremely difficult for us to provide to modern love stories another because they are contradictory, or even in some cases incompatible. We want our chosen one to offer stability, safety, predictability, and dependability… and we want that very same person to supply awe, mystery, adventure, and risk.


How modern love stories we commit to another without losing ourselves in trying to meet these vast expectations? How can modern love stories be in a fulfilling partnership that also helps us grow as individuals?

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The emotional chaos that follows is reflective of real life romances and families—but this book still feels like an escape.

Along with a multitude of friendship, marriage, and family dynamics, one specific rapport comes into focus: City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg In this sprawling, epic New York Modern love stories novel, principally set in the with flashes of the future and pastseveral characters and storylines interweave and intersect, modern love stories up to one explosive summer night.