Magic Bullets has 81 ratings and 5 reviews. Nicole said: I can't recall where I found out about this book - perhaps browsing the internet late at night. But there's definitely something wrong with the techniques and approaches you're using. - Nick Savoy, CEO of Love Systems and Author of Magic Bullets. Love Systems's Magic Bullets Handbook reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Nick Savoy's advice.


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Trying to create a psychological plan of action in order to pick up women ie.

Or even necessarily the short run. You always have trouble talking to women. If all you can think about is "this technique works to get women to have sex with me", magic bullets nick savoy got bigger problems than just your inability to have sex with women and if you don't get that from the book, possibly have reading skills issues as well 4.

There are sleazy magic bullets nick savoy non-sleazy techniques in that book ie. Learn to tell the difference and learn why you're going through the effort of doing them. The thing is though, that beyond this, the idea of being a PUA is fairly repugnant.


This mentality that you can treat picking up women and having sex with them like a game, without any disregard for the way they feel or the expectations they have of you after they allow you that level of intimacy magic bullets nick savoy themselves is plain wrong.

Especially as the methods used are distinctly underhanded and involve psychological manipulation. If you go out with the intention of having sex with as many girls as possible, then that's your magic bullets nick savoy, but as soon as you intentionally deceive girls as to your intentions and use their own insecurities against them then you're being a manipulative bastard.

MAGIC BULLETS - Love Systems (Formerly Mystery Method Corp.) - Home

How you can "modify" the way you are perceived by the opposite sex โ€” it does not take any major overhaul or anything of the sort. Just understanding these simple concepts will automatically boost your magic bullets nick savoy and actually make you "more attractive" to women within a mile radius!

Where all the hotties hang out waiting for someone like you to come magic bullets nick savoy โ€” and it's NOT where you usually think!

You'll even find out how you can score with stunningly gorgeous ladies in the most unexpected places.

  • Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy
  • "Magic Bullets" by Nick Savoy and Other Pick Up Literature - xkcd
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How you can engage any girl in a fun and natural conversation โ€” and progress magic bullets nick savoy to intimacy, physical touches, getting her number to That sounds kind of sinister to me, written out in this way.

Especially when this is followed up later by the author alluding to the fact that women will tend to wait to engage in intercourse with a man whilst she assesses if he is really who he professes to be.

This could take up to three dates or more. But he tells his readers not to worry, because "we have a system for compressing or bypassing this process. If you're not going to give a woman magic bullets nick savoy to decide about you, and you keep pressing, she's going to shut your ass down.

At least if it's me in this scenario.

Magic Bullets - Nick Savoy good or bad?? - PUA Forum

I don't have time for your "game. I LOVE dudes in glasses. As it describes all the options, the reader can see where approaches or things he has done before may have been inappropriate. This helps to make it magic bullets nick savoy to implement than the original M3 Model, and also makes it valid to a wider range of students the original method was more focused around Mystery's specific style, the types of women he liked etc.


Transitioning to relationships, direct vs. There is a whole section dedicated to the expectations you need to create when you meet, and are starting to date women.


I loved some of the practical details that are discussed, such as what to do after you've had sex with a girl that you want to be your girlfriend. This is something that has been missing from dating advice for a long time which was strange since every guy I magic bullets nick savoy started reading dating advice to get a better girlfriend.

Assuming that everything is smooth sailing from there on perhaps.

Magic Bullets

However, that has proven to not be the case. There are many guys who have been quite successful at meeting and sleeping magic bullets nick savoy women but terrible at transitioning to a relationship with them. This section was good and pretty comprehensive, whilst there is nothing really innovative.