Lucknow Pact refers to an agreement reached between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League at the joint session of both the. The Lucknow Pact “The Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity”. Although this Hindu Muslim Unity was not able to live for more than eight years. Lucknow pact is considered as a significant event in the political constitutional history of India. It is regarded a high water marked of Hindu.


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Inboth parties once again had their meetings in Lucknow, and this time Muhammad Ali Jinnah managed lucknow pact convince both parties to come to a consensus about the future of British India.

What is Lucknow pact? - Quora

Importance of the Pact The Lucknow pact was a great achievement of Hindu and Muslim leaders, who were successful in offering lucknow pact the first and the only time, a mutually acceptable solution of the Hindu Muslim problem.

It appeared as a lucknow pact significance in the history of India.


It was the Quaid-e-Azam, who had lucknow pact been a staunch supporter of Hindu-Muslim unity. The scheme provided for a substantial step taken halfway towards the establishment of self-rule in India which was main core of the jointly sponsored scheme of Lucknow lucknow pact.

The Congress first time accepted the demand of separate electorate for Muslims. The pact ensured the protection of political rights of Muslims.

Lukhnow Pact

Muslim league separate status was also lucknow pact accepted. Through the pact the both parties were able to put a joint demand before the British.


The speeches made from the platform of the two groups were similar in tone and theme. Within a few months of the Bombay lucknow pact, 19 Muslim and Hindu elected lucknow pact of the Imperial Legislative Council addressed a memorandum to the Viceroy on the subject of reforms in October Their suggestions did not become news in the British circle, but were discussed, amended and accepted at a subsequent meeting of the Congress and Muslim League leaders at Lucknow pact in November This meeting settled the details of an agreement about the composition of the legislatures and the quantum of representation to be allowed to the two communities.

The agreement was confirmed by the annual sessions of the Congress and the League in their annual session held at Lucknow on December 29 and December 31, respectively.

The Congress lucknow pact agreed to the idea of one-third seats lucknow pact the Muslims in the Councils despite the fact that the Muslim population represented less than a third.

The Lucknow Pact

Apart from that, the Congress agreed that no act lucknow pact a community should be passed unless three-quarters of that community's members on the council supported it.

There shall be self-government in India. Muslims should be given one-third representation in the central government. At the provincial level, four-fifth lucknow pact the members of the Legislative Councils should be elected and one-fifth should be nominated.

The size of provincial legislatures should not be less than in the major provinces and from 50 to 75 in the minor provinces. Among some of the changes made included: