Jean Racine: Andromaque [Andromache] ( words) Andromaque is a five-act tragedy by Racine, written in rhyming Alexandrine. Constructions of Love and Refusal in Racine's Andromaque. Racine ( ) & Jansenism. Fluorished as a poet and dramatist patronised by the absolutist. Andromaque is a tragedy in five acts by the French playwright Jean Racine written in alexandrine verse. It was first performed on 17 November before the  ‎Origins of the play · ‎Characters · ‎Plot summary · ‎Reception and adaptations.


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Orestes is furious over having lost Hermione for good. Andromaque begs Hermione to influence Pyrrhus to spare her son, but Hermione, insanely proud, refuses her.

Pyrrhus agrees to reverse his decision if Andromaque will marry him. She hesitates, unsure of what to do.

Jean Racine, “Andromaque”

Andromaque resolves to marry Pyrrhus jean racine andromaque order to save her son, but intends suicide as soon as the ceremony is over, so that she remains faithful to her late husband Hector. Hermione asks Orestes to avenge her scorn from Pyrrhus by killing him. Hermione regrets asking for Pyrrhus' death.

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The Embassy of Oreste. King Pyrrhus is supposed to marry Hermione, the daughter of King Menelaus, formerly leader of the forces allied against Troy. Meanwhile Menelaus and the other Greek leaders have learned that Pyrrhus is hiding Jean racine andromaque, son of Andromaque and Hector.


Oreste is chosen ambassador to require Pyrrhus to hand over Astyanax for execution. Oreste however is more interested in obtaining the love of Hermione while Pyrrhus tries to bargain jean racine andromaque life jean racine andromaque Astyanax for marriage to Andromaque.

Hermione agrees to follow Oreste but then Pyrrhus decides to hand over Astyanax since Andromaque seems to prefer to remain faithful to the memory of Hector.


As Oreste now contemplates kidnapping Hermione, Jean racine andromaque throws herself on the untender mercies of Hermione who refuses to intercede with Pyrrhus to save Astyanax. Andromaque turns again to Pyrrhus who repeats his insistence on marriage as the quid pro quo.

The composer worked fast on the score, finishing it in 30 days.

As he jean racine andromaque in his memoirs, "The author of the text, Pitra, was with me all the time. Constantly carried along by the beauty and the pace of the action, I wrote it in one go.