Even the word 'genius' may have lost its power to describe him. Nevertheless, Genius is the title of James Gleick's biography of the remarkable. Chaos: Making a New Science, the award-winning bestseller by James Gleick. Genius has ratings and reviews. Darwin8u said: The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.


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Genius by James Gleick [A Review]

All of which shouldn't take away from the scope of his genius. Gleick james gleick genius his subject as the genius par excellence, akin to Einstein and Newton the latter a previous biographical subject. He devotes a chapter in the final section to a fascinating discussion of the nature and history of "genius".

Feynman's thinking was, in speed and clarity, unlike that of normal people.


He insists that they just work. This is quite out of the ordinary, as james gleick genius every other regard Feynman seemed to consider the ability to explain something in simple terms as the hallmark of a clear understanding.

From his childhood on the beaches and backlots of Far Rockaway and his first tinkering with radios and differential equations to the machine shops at MIT and the early theoretical work at Princeton - work that foreshadowed james gleick genius famous notion of antiparticles traveling james gleick genius in time - to the tragic death of his wife while he was working at Los Alamos, Genius shows how one scientist's vision was formed.

As that vision crystallized in work that reinvented quantum mechanics, we see Feynman's impact on the elite particle-physicscommunity, and how Feynman grew to be at odds with the very community that idolized him. Finally, Gleick explores the nature of genius, our obsession with it and why the very idea may belong to another time.

He also invented a practical method — using, once again, a variational method to solve otherwise unsolvable integral equation — that would let engineers make a conservative approximation, on the spot, of the safe levels of bomb material stored at various geometric layouts.

James Gleick - Wikipedia

A few people, long james gleick genius, thought he had saved their lives. Feynman found his way back from his loss james gleick genius direction after the war by rediscovering the pleasure of learning things for the sake of learning and the joy of figuring things out for himself.

His success was in large part due to this way he would invent his own methods rather than rely of the methods of those who came before him.


Despite more diversions and distractions, the following years were james gleick genius productive. His main achievements were in the areas of quantum electrodynamics, superfluid helium, weak-force interactions and strong-force interactions. But he also james gleick genius contributions to almost anything he tried his hand at.

He tried not to gloat, but he was afire.

He had completed in hours a superior version of a calculation on which another physicist had staked james gleick genius major piece of his career […] he possessed a crossbow in james gleick genius world of sticks and clubs.

A big strength of this book is that it provides the historical scientific context as it tells its story. You might not think that much context is required for a biography of someone who lived in the middle of the twentieth century, but science has progressed so quickly that it is surprising how much the reader needs to appreciate about worlds that vanished as quickly as they appeared.

Second-order had been manageable for several centuries.

Genius by James Gleick [A Review] – We Need to Talk About Books

For example, for the generation of physicists that Feynman belonged to, the radio was very influential. The radio was an almost magical device, yet one that could be taken apart to james gleick genius its working parts.

That era is long gone; there is little a precocious youth of today could learn from taking apart a cellphone. As a student, fields like applied james gleick genius and quantum mechanics did not exist for Feynman to study and it was a struggle for him to get his james gleick genius on the latest ideas and experimental results.

I also liked that the book does what more science books ought to — share not just the stories of success, but also the dead-ends, wrong-turns and failed ideas that are inevitably part of the story.


Feynman would have liked that too. By now Feynman was dying from two james gleick genius cancers that he refused to believe had anything to do with having witnessed the first testing of a nuclear bomb without protection.