Translation for 'fundusze hedgingowe' in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations. Podobieństwa w strukturach odszkodowań w funduszach hedgingowych, firmach typu venture capital i. Transcript of FUNDUSZE HEDGINGOWE. DEFINICJA FUNDUSZY HEDGE WŁAŚCIWOŚCI FUNDUSZY HEDGE FUNDUSZE HEDGE.


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So I'm not going to defend it, I'm just going to say that it's not unique fundusze hedgingowe hedge funds.


Now the other kind of notion that sometimes people talk relative to a hedge fund is this idea of secrecy because it is not regulated, the hedge fund manager kind of has its choice of what they do over here and this secrecy, you know, I'll put a little asterix over here, because in order for fundusze hedgingowe people to be fundusze hedgingowe to commit their fund the hedge fund manager has to tell them something about what fundusze hedgingowe up to, so it's up to the hedge fund manager.

But some of them are, and so that combination of the secrecy, that they might be speculating on this or that or buying all sorts of crazy derivatives contracts that makes people feel that hey, there might be something shady going on over here.

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This is not a good thing, this is not good, because fundusze hedgingowe something is too big to fail people don't let it fail and that goes against everything that we know about capitalism. And in the case of company B, I think it's fundusze hedgingowe to do much better than the market expects.

So I'm tempted to buy it, or go long.

Fundusze hedgingowe - English translation - Polish-English dictionary

But there's one thing about this process that fundusze hedgingowe me a little bit uncomfortable. I have confidence in my ability to pick out companies that are going to outperform the market, or are going fundusze hedgingowe under-perform the market, but I have no confidence in my ability to predict to the market.

fundusze hedgingowe And so my fear is, what happens if I buy company B, based on my sound research, and then the market goes down?

Then company B will probably still go down.

Maybe it won't go down as much as the market, but it will still go down, and I'll lose money. Or what if I short company A and the market goes up? Maybe company A won't go a won't go up as much as fundusze hedgingowe market, but I'll still lose money on my short position, which is essentially a bet that the stock is going to go down.

So is there some arrangement I can do, some combination of buying company B, and selling or shorting company A, fundusze hedgingowe will essentially hedge out a lot of this market risk?

Czy fundusze hedgingowe są złe? (film) | Khan Academy

And as you can imagine, there is. And I won't go into all of the statistics of it, fundusze hedgingowe beta, and you can really try to statistically hedge out the market risk. But the general idea is, if you really think this is going to outperform the market, or definitely outperform company A, and if you think A going to under-perform the market, or definitely under-perform relative to company B, you can buy a fundusze hedgingowe amount of B as you will short company A.