Store keeping is a specialized and important function of materials control that is especially concerned with the physical storage of goods. The storekeeper is. STORES MANAGEMENT NECESSITY OF STORES ONE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT EVEN THOUGH STORE KEEPING. Fundamentals of. STORES of current best practices in stores management and importantly, how to apply them effectively in their current Storekeeping.


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The in-charge of store is called storekeeper or stores manager. The organisation of the stores department depends upon the size and layout of the factory, nature of the materials stored and frequency of purchases and issue of materials.

Fundamentals of store keeping may be centralised or decentralised.

Store-Keeping: Meaning, Types, Objectives Functions and Working of the Stores

Centralised storage means a single store for the whole organisation, whereas decentralised storage means independent small stores attached to various departments.

Centralised storekeeping ensures better layout and control of stores, economical use of storage space, lesser staff, saving in storage costs and appointment of experts for handling storage problems. It further ensures continuous stock checking. It suffers from certain drawbacks also.

fundamentals of store keeping

It leads to higher fundamentals of store keeping of materials handling, delay in issue of materials to respective departments, exposure of materials to risks of fire and accident losses are practical difficulties in managing big stores. On the other hand, decentralised stores involve lesser costs and time in moving bulky materials to distant departments and are helpful in avoiding overcrowding in central store.

Store-Keeping: Meaning, Types, Objectives Functions and Working of the Stores

He has fundamentals of store keeping important role in store keeping. The storekeeper must have some technical knowledge and experience is store routine. Except this, he should be trained, honest, loyal and responsible. Storekeeper is also called store manager or store superintendent.

Duties and responsibilities of storekeeper A storekeeper should be responsible for the following functions: Avoiding damage and deterioration of goods.

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Providing security against loss, fire and accident. Performing checking function on work completed. Protecting against the consequences of non-availability of materials.


Recording and receiving of materials in store. Classification and codification of items which is received by store. Prohibited unauthorized persons from entering inside the store.

Store keeping procedure or store routine After receiving materials by receiving or store keeping department, store keeping has to perform various fundamentals of store keeping relating to materials. It is known as store keeping procedures or store routing under store routine, following procedure has to be done: Classification and codification of materials.

Fundamentals of Stores and Stock Control

Recording of materials received iii. Issuing of materials Classification and codification of materials Classification and codification of materials facilitates prompt identification of the materials in storage when they are being issued fundamentals of store keeping production departments.

All items in the stores should properly be classified and codified. Goods which fundamentals of store keeping received by store must be scientifically classified and coded. Classification of materials As per the nature of materials, it must be classified in various groups of goods.

Materials are classified to make issuing, storing and identifying materials easily and quickly. So materials are first classified on the basis of their nature and types.

Meaning Of Store-keeping ,Its Objectives And Types Of Stores / Accounting-Management

It may be classified as construction materials, consumable store, spare parts, lubricating etc. Codification of materials After classification of materials in various groups, they are codified again. Coding means to a numbers or distinctive symbols to a specific materials of stores with a arrangement for prompt identification.