Transcript of FUERZA CENTRIFUGA Y CENTRIPETA. ¿QUE ES? EJEMPLOS EN NUESTRA VIDA COTIDIANA ¿QUE ES? EJEMPLOS. Translation for 'fuerza centrífuga' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. In Newtonian mechanics, the centrifugal force is an inertial force directed away from the axis of rotation that appears to act on all objects when viewed in a.


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"fuerza centrífuga" in English

It is needed within the passenger's local frame of reference to explain his sudden tendency to start accelerating to the right relative to the car—a tendency which he must resist by applying a rightward force to the car for instance, a frictional force against the seat in order to remain in a fixed position inside.

Since he pushes the seat toward the right, Newton's third law says that the seat pushes him toward the left. The centrifugal force must be included in the passenger's reference frame fuerza centrifuga which the passenger remains at rest: Thus the "centrifugal force" he feels is the result of a "centrifugal tendency" caused by inertia.

Stone on a string[ edit ] If a stone is whirled round on a string, in a horizontal plane, the only real force acting on the stone fuerza centrifuga the horizontal plane is applied by the string gravity acts vertically. There is a net force on the stone in the horizontal plane which acts toward the center.


In an inertial frame of referencewere it not for this net force acting on the stone, the stone would travel in a straight line, according to Newton's first law of motion. In order to keep the stone moving in a circular path, a centripetal forcefuerza centrifuga this case provided by the string, must be continuously applied to fuerza centrifuga stone.

As soon as fuerza centrifuga is removed for example if the string breaks the stone moves in a straight line.

In this inertial frame, the concept of centrifugal force is not required as all motion can be properly described using only real forces fuerza centrifuga Newton's laws of motion. In a frame of reference rotating with the stone around the same axis as the stone, the stone is stationary.

However, the fuerza centrifuga applied by the string is still acting on the stone.

If one were to apply Newton's laws in their usual inertial frame form, one would conclude that the stone should accelerate in the direction of the net applied force—towards the axis of rotation—which it does not do. The centrifugal fuerza centrifuga and other fictitious forces must be included along with the real forces in order to apply Newton's laws fuerza centrifuga motion in the rotating frame.

En defensa de la fuerza centrífuga

Earth[ edit ] The Earth constitutes a rotating reference frame because it rotates once a day on its axis. Because the rotation is slow, the fictitious forces it produces are small, and in everyday situations can generally be neglected.

Even in calculations requiring high precision, the centrifugal force is generally not explicitly included, but rather lumped in with the gravitational force: Weight of an object at the poles and on the equator[ edit ] If an object is weighed with a simple spring balance at one of the Fuerza centrifuga poles, there are two forces acting on the object: Since the object is stationary and not accelerating, there is no net force acting on the object and the force from the spring is equal in magnitude to the fuerza centrifuga of gravity on the object.

In this case, the balance shows the value of the fuerza centrifuga of gravity on the object. When the same object is weighed on the equatorthe same two real forces act upon the object. However, the object is moving in a circular path as the Earth rotates and therefore experiencing a centripetal acceleration.

When considered in an inertial frame that is to say, one that is not rotating with the Earththe non-zero acceleration means that force of gravity will not balance with the force from the spring.

In order to have a net centripetal force, the magnitude of the restoring force of the spring must be less than the magnitude of force of gravity.


Less restoring force in the fuerza centrifuga is reflected on the scale as less weight — about 0. The centrifugal force must be included to make the sum fuerza centrifuga the forces be zero to match the apparent lack of acceleration.

Fuerza centrífuga | Spanish to English Translation - Oxford Dictionaries

Pero para un observador en el propio AVE, algo falla. Esta tercera fuerza es un ejemplo de lo que se denomina fuerza fuerza centrifuga. Respecto a otros cuerpos, por supuesto.

Y no siempre ha sido cosa de risa. Incluso hoy hablamos de fuerza centrifuga el sol sale o se pone. Los chicos del puesto de la Cruz Roja se van a echar unas buenas risas a su costa.