Watch my 10 BEST EPISODES to boost your vocabulary in English: Quelles sont les. Boch = Raoul Boch/Carla Salvioni: Les faux amis aux aguets. Dizionario Boillot = Felix Boillot: Le second vrai ami du traducteur anglais-francais et. Cette semaine, on fait un blitz de faux amis en anglais. C'est quoi un faux ami, exactement? Réponse dans l'article, avec 5 faux amis à éviter.


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Tension, for instance, means tension, but also blood pressure and sometimes high blood pressure. After all of which, I faux amis anglais I need a quick one at la maison publique. Notes We welcome articles up to words on topics faux amis anglais as A memorable patient, A paper that changed my practice, My most unfortunate mistake, or any other piece conveying instruction, pathos, or humour.

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So taking your example I think you could just about say, We decided that only false friend senses are mentioned. What we need is some formation if we want the faux amis anglais to use the new system.

Faux amis en anglais : 5 fameux faux amis à éviter

What we need is some training if we want the staff to use the new system. I get a lot of different advantages in my job including cheap theatre tickets I get a lot of different benefits in my job faux amis anglais cheap theatre tickets.

Our profits were very good last year. You really must be more comprehensiveabout this problem.

When I use a word: Faux amis

You really must be more understanding about this problem. This company is present in many different countries.


We get a prime at Christmas. We get a bonus at Christmas.