Expanded Cinema [Gene Youngblood, R. Buckminster Fuller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Youngblood, Gene. This book is available in PDF format by individual chapters or as a whole. Foreword (K). Part One: The Audience and the Myth of Entertainment (K). Jump to Expanded Cinema, - Expanded cinema does not mean computer films, video 92, as cited in: "Expanded Cinema, Gene Youngblood.


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Expanded Cinema[ edit ] When we say expanded cinema we actually mean expanded consciousness. Expanded cinema does not expanded cinema youngblood computer films, video phosphors, atomic light, or spherical projections. Expanded cinema isn't a movie at all: One no longer can specialize in a single discipline and hope truthfully to express a clear picture of its relationships in the environment.

This is especially true in the case of the intermedia network of cinema and television, which now functions as nothing less than the nervous system of mankind.

For me, we just have more mediated perception of the "human condition" - wch isn't quite the same now is it? Not only does this release cinema; it virtually forces cinema to move beyond the objective human condition into newer extra-objective territory.

At any rate, if this has happened in the last 39 yrs I haven't noticed it! Recognition expanded cinema youngblood this pattern-event results in a state of oceanic consciousness.

A mythopoeic reality is generated through post-stylization of unstylized reality. But, as wonderful as the above may seem, it's probably of even less concern to the 'Average Joe' now than it was 39 yrs ago.

I need a Coke! Youngblood, in a section on Stan Brakhage, writes: But the new consciousness regards this attitude itself as a degraded product of a culture without integrity, a culture perverse enough to imagine that love's body could somehow be degrading.

After all, VHS tapes were far from common household items then! Alas, how many people take advantage of this ability to unleash themselves from the "mass broadcasting schedules or distribution patterns"?

Not as many as I'd like to see! He does, though, foresee a future in which location shooting will become obsolete as all locations will be able to be simulated with computers pp.

Expanded Cinema - Wikipedia

Examples of filmmakers using computers, referred to by Youngblood, include: Television as a Creative Medium"[ edit ] Youngblood describes expanded cinema youngblood videosphere, in which computers and televisions are extensions to man's central nervous system.

He is optimistic about technological advances and predicts TV-on-demand by pp.

Expanded cinema youngblood does acknowledge, however, that data retrieval is more complicated than data recording. The various processes involved in video synthesizing are described: The work of Loren Sears is neuroesthetic because it treats television as an extension of the central nervous system pp.

Nam June Paik has worked creatively with television pp.

Expanded Cinema

Les Levine exploits the potential of closed-circuit television pp. Intermedia"[ edit ] Youngblood sees the artist as an ecologist, involved with the environment rather than with objects expanded cinema youngblood.

By way of example he cites the video displays at world expositions specifically Roman Kroitor 's large-scale projections at Expo 67 and Expo expanded cinema youngblood pp. Artists such as Carolee Schneemann and Robert Whitman combine film projection with live performance pp.

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Wolf Vostell incorporates video experiments into environmental contexts p. New technological extensions of the medium have become necessary. Thus he concentrates on the advanced image-making technologies of computer films, television experiments, laser movies, and multiple-projection environments, laser movies, and expanded cinema youngblood environments.

Outstanding works in each field are analyzed in detail.