Hierbas/Especias/Ajo/Cebolla. Nutritional Characteristics Spices, herbs, garlic and onions content substantial amounts of minerals, vitamins. Find product information, ratings and reviews for Especias, hierbas aromaticas, condimentos y aromatizantes / Spices, Herbs, Seasonings and Flavorings online. Especias & hierbas aromáticas: Cómo utilizarlas para aprovechar todas sus virtudes (Spanish Edition) [Mara Iglesias] on *FREE* shipping on.


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Cumin Cuminum Cyminum — India and Mediterranean.

.:: Med Diet - Mediterranean diet ::.

You can add it to many sauces, especially stews meats, legumes and cabbage. Parsley Petroselinum Crispum — Greece and the island of Especias y hierbas. It is a basic ingredient in many dishes and sauces, for chopped, which are sauces that are prepared in a mortar chopping garlic, parsley, toasted bread, almonds and a little bald or wine.

Laurel Laurus Nobilis — Asia and Mediterranean. Fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor soups and gravies and sauces that require a long cooking time, especially those made with meat, poultry and especias y hierbas. Removed the leaves before serving. They can also be ground before cooking to give a better taste to the food.

Manufacturer and distributor of spices

White Mustard Sinapis Alba - Asia. Condiment of some especias y hierbas, but mainly in the preparation of some sauces. Additive for salads plant, since it combines very well with the tomato, but it is above all the classic herb for seasoning meats.

It gives a very fine flavor to stews, sauces for pasta and pizzas. Pepper Piper Nigrum - India. It combines very well with white meats, poultry, fish and white sauces.


Use it to accompany roast lamb, vegetables or confectionery recipes. In addition to the well-known Arabian mint tea. Chilli Pepper Capsicum Annuum - America.

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  • 25 hierbas y especias saludables (FOTOS)
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  • .:: Med Diet - Mediterranean diet ::.

Also used similarly in the kitchen daily as seasoning or decoration of some dishes, or coloring. Also in the preparation of sauces, Rices, "crumbs", soups and stews.

25 hierbas y especias saludables (FOTOS) | HuffPost

Rosemary Rosmarinus Officinalis — Mediterranean. Use especias y hierbas the preparations of vegetables, rice and sauces to accompany pasta. Winter Savory Satureja Montana — Mediterranean. Choosing a variety of herbs and spices can amplify the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Based on culinary local traditions. It goes well with vegetables, egg, chicken, rabbit and white fish. It can also bring flavor and color to salads and soups. Use dried or fresh leaves to bring flavor to meat, especias y hierbas, sauces and pizzas.

Pleasing mixed with Rosemary and laurel.

Unas hierbas y especias | Spanish Translator

Cinnamon Cinnamum Verum — Sri Lanka. The cinnamon mainly contributes to the preparation of desserts such as applesauce, rice with milk, creams, custards, crepes, cakes and ice cream. Also seen in soups and stews of meat. As well as for tea, "punches" and liquors.

It can bring aroma to meats, fish, sauces and vegetables, and also especias y hierbas pastries and liqueurs.


Cumin Cuminum Cyminum — India and Mediterranean.