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The hair professionals use this hair clipper in their salons as it has advanced battery operation.

Panasonic Hair Clipper Er 1611 Trimmer Er 1611 Er 1611 K Professional

This versatile yet efficient model takes up to one hour in getting completely charged and then er 1611 panasonic 50 minutes of effortless clipping. This working er 1611 panasonic you to do the job without stopping in between and also from all the angles to get the perfect look.

Its design is unique and comes with an LED display that signals the battery status and charging meter.


This notification er 1611 panasonic you for when to er 1611 panasonic it on charging and when to reuse. The availability of X-taper blade shape covers a large surface area for cleaning in a few passes. It gives er 1611 panasonic cutting as it does not leave the hair behind and clip it instantly.

This clipper has enhanced motion clipping ability, making every penny worth spending on it. You can use it for hairline and near ears. It gives more than 10, rotations in a minute, giving better results.

The hi-technicians rely on its control dial that is located on the front panel. It helps you in adjusting the cutting length of the hair that is a necessary feature for those who do not know the technique behind switching the blades.

Now you can rotate the clipper as per the movement of the comb, making tapering, fading, clipping and trimming easy.

This helps you in handling it easily without losing or dropping it in a slip.

Panasonic ER (Head) - Beard + Hair trimmers - Galaxus

This is the highlight of this clipper as you can do hair clipping of many customers without facing any difficulty in holding it. Being excellent in performance, efficiency, and reliability, you must surely invest in this professional tool. Drawbacks Every product comes with a few flaws and the same is seen with this model of Panasonic.

This hair clipper creates some hurdles because it catches and pulls the hair inside. So, cleaning becomes a regular job for the person using it so often. It takes more time er 1611 panasonic completing a job, making this clipper limited for home use only.

The professional er 1611 panasonic prefer other models that perform with better efficiency.

Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Clipper Review

Technology With over 10, er 1611 panasonic per minute the motor here is one of the strongest available, meaning in theory that this should cut far quicker and more smoothly.

One of the most impressive features of er 1611 panasonic technology in this Panasonic model is that they get it all in to such a slim design when many of the options with more powerful motors are generally heavier and larger, not the reverse.

It also includes 3 different attachments to cut 6 graduated hair lengths.

It comes as standard with a WER blade of stainless steel, fairly basic for a product at the upper end of the price range, but still perfectly effective for home use.

Compatibility with hair types The motor on this bad boy means that regardless of hair type, you should be able to cut right through it without a snag. Click to read trendy hairstyles! It turns out that several barbers as well as people claiming to have er 1611 panasonic their hair er 1611 panasonic home for decades, have had the same type of problems.

All I would say is that on the whole the product performs really well, even if there may be a few rogue models out there.