Key Features. With Anviz’s industry-leading fingerprint algorithm BioNANO & waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof fingerprint sensor, EP offers a. Features: Unique fingerprint positioning design Texas Instruments bit high speed CPU of low power consumption BioNANO V10 core fingerprint algorithm of. Check Out This Must Have Security Device for Your Business - ANVIZ EP Fingerprint This is a Great Security Device for Your Home or Business - ANVIZ.


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More Details and Rewiews AnvizBiometricTimeClockFingerprint Hi and welcome to this video on the envious ep device alright now this here is a device produced by the company and yes it's a biometric time clock basically it enrolls you enroll users and they clock in clock out and you get that time you could use it in your time and attendance and then you can party use it to prepare your payroll.

All right, the various functions it has as employee fingerprint second of the two thousand plus fingerprint about I think it's fifty thousand transactions alright and it's a thousand transactions what else about this device its low-cost one of this advantage about it is that it only accommodates two fingers for a single ID meaning that an employee you could only ep 300 anviz two fingers for that employee which is not ep 300 anviz if an office environment or anything like that but if it's an environment where people use with people's fingerprint this gets distorted then you may want to consider using my different device right but generally it works right it's it's really ep 300 anviz really good I've been using it for quite some time now and it's really it's rather low cost devices a very low-cost device compared to other devices and it works it really works alright.


I just opened the box and I took the device out I'm going to show you a few things about it first of all the time is incorrect if you notice there time we came with the time of the country that was produced it this will change the time on it alright.

You come into that fermenter setup right system and here we have time. All right, I'm going to change this time the date is All right, right apparently ep 300 anviz to go through 10 start a and the time now my time is it Okay, apparently I could ep 300 anviz.

Okay, and move to the next one. All I need to do is just press.

Okay, until they are all reach to this point here and then I just press nine I just ate you know set the time. Press escape press ep 300 anviz here it comes up do you wanna save changes. Okay, to save and our time ep 300 anviz set now going to enroll a user.

All right, we're gonna enroll user ID one and we're gonna enroll a fingerprint see here.

Time&Attendance terminal ANVIZ EP | Kimaldi

This is what Ep 300 anviz talking about it's only two fingerprint. All right, you'll only have two fingerprint for single pin. This pin two fingerprints. I'm gonna unroll the force fingerprint for this one here press. Okay, just place your finger mode place my finger take off ep 300 anviz two just input again.

Here you have n roll okay. All right, and you press save.

EP Time Attendance System - Anviz Malaysia | Penang

Okay, you could set the second finger. You print number two.


Now it's on fingerprint number two and I'm going to press this finger here and that's. Okay, now let's see what happens ep 300 anviz I try to enroll three.


Okay, let's see if this option usually this function should work if I place the same finger for the same pin ep 300 anviz see it says repeated if I use the same finger that I used for employee one it says input again fingerprint repeated.

I can't use that same finger but two employee pin.

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Okay, that's a very good feature I think almost all biometric devices come with that feature right it's not one specific to the EP but here we ep 300 anviz a simple system it's verified it says thank you says thank you again alright thank you thank you thank you ep 300 anviz now there are a couple other features very nice features about these devices one of them let me go through this with you is the.

Log setup real verify yes we verify you could set it to say 3 minutes okay. Basically what that is saying what that feature does.