I'm looking to buy some back issues of Dungeon Magazine, but I'm not sure which ones to get. I want to buy a bulk of them (probably on eBay),  Dungeon & Dragon magazine PDFs? - EN World. It went monthly in May and ceased print publication altogether in September with Issue Starting in , Dungeon and its more. Dungeon was one of the two official magazines targeting consumers of the Dungeons Both magazines went on hiatus at the end of , with Dungeon Issue being the last released. and said that they reminded him of "the selection of game sessions you find at gaming conventions or in old-fashioned modules".First issue‎: ‎September/October


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An all-rogue adventure, a just-for-monster PC adventure and an Epic level wizard after Imortality.

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  • Which back issues of Dungeon Magazine to buy?
  • Which back issues of Dungeon Magazine to buy?

Killer dungeon, giant crocodile and "Chadrather's Bane", the adventure from Pirate Cat's Storyhour in that Nolin was killed by 2 inch goblins. Celtic, Spelljammer and Greek adventures. Lizard Men, a Killer Clock and Illusions.

A Time elemental and the Ulitharid, noble illithid. One very good romantic adventure with a Skeletal Warrior. A nice Oriental Adventure and a school for Necromancers.

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What's more fearsome than a Lich? A Lich with Bagpipes! Each issue offers a number of fairly short but often quite complicated and long-playing modules, selected from the best we receive. What kind of adventures dungeon magazine back issues you want to see?


dungeon magazine back issues We're going to offer as broad a spectrum of material as possible: In conjunction with the first anniversary of Dungeon Adventures, Ken Rolston included a brief review in Issue September of Dragon.

Rolston commented on the anthology format, which allowed writers to "publish fine little bits" and provided "great training grounds for new writers" that offered "an opportunity to experiment with offbeat themes and tones".

Rolston concluded that "sophisticated gamers will find a lot to snicker at here, but there are some cute ideas", and added that the "writing ranges from young and enthusiastic to polished, and when compared with dungeon magazine back issues of TSR's current modules With the release of Issue 78 in Januarythe long title printed on the cover was simplified from Dungeon: By Issue 82 August it was simplified again to Dungeon.

Paizo[ edit ] In latePaizo Publishing acquired publishing rights to both Dungeon and Dragon magazine titles as part of a move by Wizards of the Coast to divest business ventures not related to its core business.

By moving to an online model we are using a dungeon magazine back issues system that broadens our reach to fans dungeon magazine back issues the world. Mainstay columns such as "Dungeoncraft" written by James Wyatt were retained, and DM-focused articles that formerly appeared in Dragon magazine like "Save My Game" were incorporated into Dungeon, making it a "one-stop shop" for DMs.

The magazine shifted to a landscape format with the intent of making the articles and adventures more readable onscreen. Content was released daily and gathered into PDF compilations on a monthly basis.