Consumed is the first novel by the Canadian filmmaker, screenwriter and actor David Cronenberg. The novel is driven by a globe trotting, photojournalist couple. The first novel by the film director David Cronenberg is in part a dramatic catalogue of highly desirable electronics equipment. A globetrotting. David Cronenberg's novel Consumed is getting drama series treatment at AMC.


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Her face was twisted into a beautiful, open-mouthed, terrifying expression of ecstasy, and the fantasy-Nathan knew that it was the end of sex, that there could be no more sex after this sex.

Consumed (novel) - Wikipedia

It releases all kinds of cool chemicals in our brains and gives us a sense of euphoria that can become a drug. Some people have to physically work consumed david cronenberg every day, sometimes several times a day, because endorphins are like candy to their brains.


Dopamine plays a role in every addiction we have. When dating consumed david cronenberg spouse you were probably floating in a sea of dopamine you dope: If your husband looked like Cary Grant Regarding your relationship if you hear yourself consumed david cronenberg I must have been crazy So what happens if you have done everything you can think of to trigger all those wonderful chemicals in your brain?

Nothing is working anymore.

Desperation is now your sidecar companion. You are doing things you would have never considered doing before and they are starting to feel not only acceptable, but normal.

The protagonists' acquisitive desire for the latest gadgets is, it turns out, part of the consumed david cronenberg pungent stew of themes punning on the book's title: Aficionados of Cronenberg's cinematic work will not be surprised to find a lot of exquisitely detailed, voyeuristic body-horror: They say excellently Parisian things like: Naomi follows his trail to Tokyo, consumed david cronenberg he tells her: Naomi goes for excess — for splashy murders and headline-grabbing grotesqueries.

So the discovery of a famous French intellectual — killed, decapitated and cannibalized? That's right up her consumed david cronenberg.

She's on it before the blood is even cold.

In Cronenberg's 'Consumed,' An Appetite For Sex, Death And The Latest Gear

They bop, Nathan and Naomi, from Paris to Consumed david cronenberg to Amsterdam to Toronto to Tokyo and beyond, catching international flights like crosstown buses.

Their relationship is loose, built on betrayal and counter-betrayal and, always, on their obsessive love of gear — camera gear, sound gear, luggage, whatever. His descriptions of everything from high-end photographic equipment to hearing aids are both lush and precise, dripping with jargon and technical specifications.

consumed david cronenberg

And his eye for small details — in a dumpy diner in Toronto, a cluttered basement apartment, the surgical suite of a quack cancer doctor or a consumed david cronenberg in Tokyo — betrays his love for the visual. His world is lived in.


There is nothing clean or unused about it. Amid all the gory, gaudy trapping of sex and death, there is a pulsing life in everything. Not for the fainthearted, but for those of us who relish a trip consumed david cronenberg the shadowy depths, a must-read.