Cover Novel Title Release Date 1 Heretic God 神はまつろわず May 28, 2 Arrival 5 Miko of the Sword 剣の巫女 November 30, SS2 The Rumored. Campione! is a Japanese light novel series written by Jō Taketsuki and illustrated by Sikorski. It has been published by Shueisha in their Super. Read Chapter 1 - Roman Holiday from the story Campione Light Novel Volume 1 by Dracomut with reads. romance, mythological, campione. Part 1 It was.


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Youth Form can only be used after the recipient has sworn an oath campione light novel live and fight for the user.

The girls are perfectly happy with this.


Godou has four "main" girls gunning for him: EricaYuriEnaand Liliana. Duke Voban's ghost minions, as well as Lili, turn against him and campione light novel Godou to defeat him.

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Helping Would Be Kill Stealing: Salvatore essentially says this when he prevents everyone but Liliana from helping Godou out in the fight against Perseus in episode 9. He claims Godou won't get any stronger if he's always relying on the girls and he makes sure they don't help by tying them up.

Then he goes and kills Campione light novel after he's been softened up by Godou. campione light novel

Luo Yinghua campione light novel a strong misogynistic streak, though this may because his main female role model is Luo Hao. Yuri, Lili, and Ena are campione light novel to seduce Godou for political purposes.

Godou accuses Erica of this, but she denies it, pointing out that she's far too proud to take such an order. Lili refuses to abandon Duke Voban despite the fact that he largely uses her for evil purposes.

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Then Campione light novel tries talking to her, and Erica threatens to release a really embarrassing novel Lili wrote publicly. How We Got Here: Volume 3 explains how Godo met Erica during his trip to Sardinia and how he got his powers from Verethragna.

However, it's averted in the anime since it rearranges the campione light novel in chronological order. If It's You, It's Okay: The general reaction that Kaoru gets when she reveals her real gender to the girls she dates.

Campione! - Baka-Tsuki

Duke Voban says this to Yuri at the end of episode 5 when he campione light novel her. Godou does this towards Liliana in episode 10 after Perseus takes campione light novel over her. It works thanks to The Power of Lovewhich Perseus then mentions is the strongest force out there.

Sort of happens in volume five, after Ena is possessed by the Ama no Murakamo.

Light Novel

Though Godou has had enough at this point and forcibly takes Ena away from the sword, then campione light novel it with the Boar. Liliana has a couple of these in episode 9, although they seem unintentional.

She was trying to do research on how to defeat Perseus, but ends up thinking dirty thoughts about Godou. All over the place.


Both Godou and Voban have an Authority that allows for resurrection, and gods can eventually revive if enough people know their story. In Love with Your Carnage: Erica and Campione light novel admit the campione light novel of Godou fighting gets them all hot and bothered. The Novels start with Kusanagi Godou already a Campione.


We don't learn all the details of how he ended up killing Verethragna and usurping his powers until volume 3. This is averted by the Anime which starts with the fight against Verethragna. While campione light novel information on Perseus in episode campione light novel, he nonchalantly mentions that ever since becoming a Campione, he can instantly read and understand any language and text that he comes across.

This is justified because all campione are omniglots.