Warbreaker is a fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on June 9, by Tor Books. Sanderson released several  Cover artist‎: ‎Dan Dos Santos. Welcome! My name is Brandon Sanderson. Before anything else, I'd like to thank you for your interest in my books. I hope you enjoy Warbreaker. In case you. Epic fantasy heavyweight Sanderson (the Mistborn series) pens a powerful stand-alone tale of unpredictable loyalties, dark intrigue and.


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She is the perfect daughter: There is a contract with Hallandren that requires her to be brandon sanderson warbreaker to marry the God King and bear him a child which will be still-born and become the next God King on her twenty-second birthday.

Warbreaker - The Coppermind - 17th Shard

However, when the brandon sanderson warbreaker comes for her to go, the king is unable to relinquish her, and takes brandon sanderson warbreaker of the loose wording of the contract it states only that "the Princess must be sent on Vivenna's twenty-second birthday" to send Siri in her place.

Due to this, Vivenna goes through a brief depression, in which she feels like her only reason for living has been taken by Siri. She soon decides to go rescue Siri, however, and falls in with the mercenaries Denth and Tonk Fahwhom she hires to help rescue her sister. And so, I did something crazy.

Warbreaker | Brandon Sanderson

The early, early stuff which is filled with problems and errors. They thought I was crazy too my agent STILL thinks this project is a bad move but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do something that would involve and reward my readers.

For those who are aspiring novelists, I wanted to show an early version of my work so brandon sanderson warbreaker could follow its editing and progress. For those who are looking to try out my novels, I wanted to offer a free download.

This book will be coming out in sometime. Part of me still worries that I take a huge hit in sales when this thing is released, as brandon sanderson warbreaker readers will have read it ahead of time.

Another part of me worries that new readers will see the flaws and the rough sections of the early drafts, then assume that the finished project will be inferior, and not ever bother to read any of my other books.

Hallandren is vastly superior to Indria however, and the king of Indria has to send brandon sanderson warbreaker daughter to marry their God Brandon sanderson warbreaker to keep a promise he made. Having arrived in Hallandren, the princesses of Indria find that it is not what they were expecting.


Prejudices run deep however, and are hard to overcome. Warbreaker tells us of the twin journeys of the sisters, who are playing games brandon sanderson warbreaker the fate of nations at stake… As the sisters come to understand the world around them, so will you.

Trying to find the truth in this nest of politicians is a challenging task though, and events often unfold sudden and unexpected. Just when you think you know how it all fits together, your world gets turned upside down once again! Sanderson introduces a new magical brandon sanderson warbreaker in Warbreaker, called Awakening.

It was also picked by Barnes and Noble editors as the best fantasy or science fiction book of the year. Brandon sanderson warbreaker three is out in October of this year.

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You can find sample chapters of these books at the end of this file. If you like Warbreaker, consider buying those! Brandon sanderson warbreaker should be out sometime in the fall of My first inclination was to grab one of my old, unpublished books and offer it.


And yet, one of my main reasons for releasing said e-book would be for publicity reasons. That made me want to offer something new.


Something that showed off the very best of my abilities. Why offer brandon sanderson warbreaker inferior product as your free sample? This is not an old work.