The Aleph and Other Stories has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: FINAL REVIEWWe have all experienced different dimensions in our life, to. Of all the short stories written byJorge Luis Borges, 'El Aleph' stands out the most into enmity in 'El Aleph', underlies the poetics of the story.5 As critics hav. I have lifted some of the material from my blogs (mostly synopses of other stories) for an upcoming group discussion of Borges' story “The Aleph” ('El Aleph'.


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The Aleph and Other Stories by Jorge Luis Borges |

As the tribune informs us, the first part of borges the aleph journey proved harrowing, grueling and strenuous beyond endurance - most of his men were either driven mad or borges the aleph, while borges the aleph, attempting desertion, faced torture or crucifixion.

He subsequently flees camp with several soldiers but disaster hits: Our tribune wanders for days in the desert, forever scorched by the sun and parched by thirst until his living nightmare shifts and somehow he finds himself bound hands behind his back and lying in a stone niche the size of a grave on the slope of a mountain.

Marcus Flaminius Rufus at this point the tribune lets us know his name can also see numerous holes riddling the mountain and valley and from those holes emerge grey skinned naked men with scraggly beards, men he recognizes as belonging to the race of Troglodytes.

My sense is these Troglodytes represent a mode of being at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from that of a refined aesthete and man of letters like Borges. I suspect Borges perceived and perhaps dreamed many of his fellow humans inhabiting a Troglodyte-like existence.


After many days and having finally freed himself from his bonds, Marcus enters the City of the Immortals. I descended the ladder and made my way through a chaos of squalid borges the aleph to a vast, borges the aleph circular chamber.

Nine doors opened into that cellar-like place; eight led to a maze that returned deceitfully, to the same chamber; the ninth led through another maze to a second circular chamber identical to the first.


Having spent what appears an eternity underground, Marcus spots a borges the aleph of metal rungs on a wall leading to a circle of sky. The contrast between common superstition the blue tiger and this far more disturbing phenomenon blue tigers is brilliant.

The overworked Borgesian theme of metaphysical anxiety linked to a borges the aleph object, transgression of the order of things, and an intolerable violation of rationality, is fabulized in a novel fashion. What an excellent way for the master to wrap up his career. This story involves death, poetry, and the Aleph—"one of the points in space that contain all points.

However, this borges the aleph introduces other elements that make it much more puzzling. V Here is an attempt to diagram the essential elements of the story.

Drifting Consciousness: Borges' "The Aleph"

His remarks about modern humanity that it is unnecessary for people to travel since the advent of the telephone, telegraph, radio, cinema, and so forth cause Borges to make a connection between Carlos Argentino and literature: Both are equally inept, pompous, and vast.

It is also not a coincidence that not letting go of Beatriz, Daneri losing the aleph, and the aleph itself are too much to endure or too far to borges the aleph without the loss of something else — identity.

I will show that identity is also a thread that ties the three stories or themes together. The story of writers borges the aleph their aesthetic differences points to subjective nature of art.

The Aleph Summary

Borges paints the picture that Daneri is pompous and unskilled so when it is revealed that Daneri takes second place in the National Prize in literature, it speaks more to the subjective or inaccessible nature of art.

The reader is somewhat confused because Borges is somewhat the hero in the story. The borges the aleph of the aleph, although more visual and fantastic, is easier to understand than the other borges the aleph stories if one accepts the idea that it is actually a metaphor for the sublime.

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