Directed by Michael Ling. With Orson Chaplin, P. David Miller, Carrie Malabre, Ashley Totin. Edward Lee's The Bighead - The Movie. likes · 30 talking about this. Based on Edward Lee's cult classic and deeply disturbing novel THE BIGHEAD. The Bighead. Front Cover. Edward Lee. Necro Publications, - How to review the a daunting task. As you can tell from the other.


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Edward Lee's THE BIGHEAD - The Movie by Geoff Skinner — Kickstarter

Should carry a warning: Far and away the grossest novel I've ever read! Winter-Damon, author of Rex Miller: There's no way any studio is touching this book, so in the best Kickstarter tradition, we're going to do it ourselves!

Everyone knows that movies are not cheap to make While we have an insanely talented, veteran, Hollywood crew already on board and bighead edward lee to help us for peanuts some of them will literally be compensated with peanutswe are still going to have to spend some money to make this short film and make it right!

That's where you good people come in; we hope, with your generous donations, we bighead edward lee bridge the gap between what we have and what we need to make this short film a reality. Our goal with this Kickstarter is to raise bighead edward lee money to make a complete, satisfying short film based directly on the book.


We won't have enough to make bighead edward lee entire adaptation yetbut it will be enough to make the year's best short horror film. Will we make a feature length movie if we're lucky enough to surpass what we're asking for?

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves but, spoiler alert: All of the money raised here will go bighead edward lee to making this film.


None of us are are getting even a bighead edward lee of your donations; we're going to put every penny on the screen. The money we are asking for will go to complete the make-up effects on The Bighead edward lee himself, rent locations such as our dive barbuy a few dozen gallons of fake blood, purchase wardrobe for the cast, buy some more fake blood, pay for film permits, buy even more fake blood, construct special props, and so much more.

I wouldn't mind a little something in return'. You are well within your rights to demand something. That is why we have come up with some of the better rewards around these parts.

The Thirteen Most Shocking Acts in Edward Lee’s ‘The Bighead’ – Horror Novel Reviews

Take a look to your bighead edward lee and check out this list of Edward Lee coolness. From special, signed editions of the book to invites to our what is sure to be amazing LA premiere, to incredible, exclusive posters!

We really and truly appreciate every last dollar you good folks are giving and we've tried to make these rewards well worth your money!


When our Kickstarter drive ends we will be a month away from bighead edward lee and by that time we will be raring to roll camera. The goal bighead edward lee to get this done as fast as possible so we can share it with our Kickstarter friends before you know it!

Yet another dream sequence in which the priest is fisted by one nun while another performs fellatio. Two men capture another man, hog tie him, and put a piece of cloth they used to wipe their rectums in his mouth as a ball gag.

They proceed to carve out his eyes with a buck knife and cut off all his fingers and toes with shears. Then they tie a rope to his penis and throw him off a cliff causing his genitals to tear away from the body as he plummets to his death below. Woman takes lighter bighead edward lee her clitoris and breasts as a means of self-inflicted torture.

Man kills a bighead edward lee by cutting off her head.