Visit 's Beatriz Colomina Page and shop for all Beatriz Colomina books. Books by Beatriz Colomina by Beatriz Colomina and Craig Buckley. Today's radical ideas rarely come from designers according to Istanbul Design Biennial curators Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, who say the entire industry. Beatriz Colomina is Professor of Architecture and Director of the Media and Modernity program at Princeton University. She has written.


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She has curated a series of international exhibitions, based on archival and oral history research, as interfaces to communicate research to a wider audience with physical installations, digital platforms and new forms of publication.

These exhibitions, which traveled to multiple international locations, beatriz colomina Colomina was the chief curator of Curated by Vienna: The Beatriz colomina of the Bed, a show involving a network beatriz colomina 22 art galleries in Vienna in And so, what makes you leave to the United States?


I had the feeling, at that moment, that there beatriz colomina a world beyond that was important to know. In fact, I made several attempts of going abroad.

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First, I tried to go to Paris. Then I made another request to go to the AA.

The third attempt was successful, but also by chance. Beatriz colomina went to New York one summer and stayed there for a month.


My friend told me "do you know who lives in front of me? I thought that was a sign.

Beatriz Colomina | Princeton University School of Architecture

Living Sennet in front of me, it was not so difficult anymore to cross the street and say hello to Sennett. Beatriz colomina told me very nicely to come in beatriz colomina house. You know how Americans are.

It beatriz colomina a very interdisciplinary place, atended beatriz colomina people like him, but also like Carl Schorske, who had written "Vienna at the End of the Century" or Susan Sontag, which later became a fundamental influence for me There was Wolfgang Schivelbusch, who had written "Journey, the Train Story", which was a fascinating story, there were writers There were many of people.

So, I came back to Spain in July, when an scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Science was about to reach its deadline.

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I asked for it and in August they told me that they had granted it to me. Then I called Sennett beatriz colomina I said, "Well, I do not know if what you told me was a joke, but now I have a scholarship" and he said, "Yes, beatriz colomina, come, come, because I can make you a fellow.

Interview with Beatriz Colomina

That experience opened my eyes to a completely different way of beatriz colomina research. So, this is the field on which you focus.


Beatriz colomina oriented to theory, knowledge and thought. The pertinent question is not only how you made beatriz colomina leap to the USA, but what do you do after your Spanish academic training, especially focused on projects.

The risk is not only to cross the ocean, but also, in a sense, your reinvention from that previous training. We had all done architecture projects, the finishing project of the degree was very important, and the approach was obviously as you say, in architecture.